Motorist discovers snake on car's dashboard in Australia

A driver was given a fright after a 1.2-metre long red-bellied black snake appeared on his dashboard in Mannum, South Australia.

The man, who noticed the snake making the most of the sunshine on his car's dashboard, called Snake Catchers Adelaide to come and remove the large serpent.
Snake catcher Rolly Burrell told the Daily Mail: "I think it wanted to go to work with him.

"It was a cold night, so when the sun came through the windscreen in the morning the reptile coiled up there to warm up.

"The guy did the right thing: keep a snake catcher's number in your phone and keep an eye on the snake until they arrive. Don't kill them – they are shy and want to be left alone."

A similar event occurred on Queensland's Sunshine Coast recently, when a snake appeared on a motorist's windshield. Snake catchers were then able to remove the snake from its temporary home, curled up in front of the engine - filming the entire incident.

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