Would you live in this unusual house?

The gold hallway.

From the outside, there's nothing to distinguish this three-bedroom house in Edmonton, north London, from its neighbours. Step inside, though, and it's another matter.

Diana and Vyga Adam have spent years doing up the house in their own unique way, buying quirky items on eBay and from overseas websites. Mr Adam, 43, carried out most of the work himself.

"When people see it they say 'Oh my god' - they do not expect it in this area," Mrs Adam, 39, tells the Evening Standard. "They are shocked when they come."

One of the living rooms, with silver face on the wall.

But the couple are now planning a move to Tenerife with their three children, and the house is up for sale for £500,000 through the Express Estate Agency - a £20,000 cut on the original price, in the hope of a quick sale.

The floor-plan is as conventional as the property's exterior - there's a lounge, sitting room and dining room, an open-plan kitchen and loo downstairs, with three bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.

The decor, though, is anything but. The hall is covered in textured plaster painted shiny gold, with a similar effect on part of the walls and ceiling in the living area.

There's an enormous silvery face protruding from the living room wall, and even the loo has been jazzed up with the addition of a toilet seat marked 'VIP lounge' in gold.

The red and green living room.

There's also a self-contained studio flat in the garden which is currently let out at £1,300 per month.

It's well-known that putting too much of a personal stamp on a property can make it harder to sell. In this case, it should be fairly straightforward for a buyer to turn the house back into something a little more conventional - a bit of painting and plastering, but not much more.

The kitchen diner.

The same could be said for the purple house that got so much media attention a couple of years ago. While every room was the same colour - walls, floor, ceiling and all - a few tins of white emulsion and a bit of elbow grease were all that was required to return it to normality.

Things are a bit different, though, when it comes to rentals. We reported a couple of years ago, for example, on a two-bedroom flat being let out by a comic-book enthusiast. Potential tenants of the £1,300 a month flat were strictly forbidden from painting over the murals, which included Flash Gordon, Atlantins and central American ruins.

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Would you live in this unusual house?

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