Toys 'R' Us pulls hoverboards from online sales

Toys 'R' Us Axes Hoverboard From Online Sales
Toys 'R' Us has decided to pull hoverboards from its website. New policy information from the toy department store specifically mentions the Razor Hovertrax hoverboard.

Toys 'R' Us said it was working with Razor to make sure its hoverboard passed the latest safety standards.

The statement comes after the U.S. government's notice on Friday that all hoverboards on the market are considered unsafe.

Toys 'R' Us quick action may force other retailers like Amazon and Walmart to follow suit or they may risk consumer safety complaints.

Just before Christmas Amazon UK warned customers against the dangers of hoverboards.

The online shopping giant advised customers to take their hoverboards to be recycled due to safety concerns.

Chief ombudsman watchdog said: "Retailers who continue to sell hoverboards, that they deem to be safe, should also take note of the Crown Prosecution Service's position.

"They have made clear that for safety reasons it is illegal to ride these hoverboards in public (on the road or paths) and this important information should be communicated to the consumer at the point of sale."

Adding: "Consumers who have already purchased a hoverboard, perhaps as a Christmas present, should contact the retailer and for their written assurance that it's safe and in particular that it has a compliant plug with a fuse."

'Hoverboards' Declared Unsafe by Federal Government

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