Passenger hilariously live Tweets flight from hell

Woman Live Tweets Flight from Hell and It's Hilarious

If you thought your last flight was awful, read this and feel lucky.

One woman's flight from the Dominican Republic was delayed by an entire day.

The flight from Punta Cana to New York City took off on time, but things when downhill from there.

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Lauren Karasek, a passenger on board, decided to live-tweet the whole situation.

Things started getting messy when the flight was stuck circling above JFK Airport waiting for clearance. They were getting a bit low on fuel so they decided to head over to nearby New Hampshire to fuel up.

However, that airport doesn't generally handle international flights so passengers had to wait two hours for customs agents to drive to the airport.

They finally made their way back to New York City but they got trapped in the skies circling above JFK yet again, this time because of turbulence.

This doesn't even signal the end of their saga: the problem at JFK was so bad that the plane had to redirect yet again, this time to Boston.

Lauren then Tweeted: "Ok @DeltaAssist: we're on the runway, captain says he doesn't know why we can't get off, no one knows if/how we're getting to NYC. ANY info?!"

The fouled-up flight finally made it back to New York City more than a day after it was originally scheduled to return.

Lauren finished her round of live tweets claiming this would be her 'last Delta flight ever'.

She also shared a snapshot of a conversation held with a member of Delta customer service which said no compensation or reimbursement would be possible due to the weather conditions.

Can you beat this as a flight from hell? Tell us in the comments below!

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Passenger hilariously live Tweets flight from hell

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