Lorry nearly blown over by high winds near Durham

A HGV came perilously close to tipping over, after battling high winds on the A1 (M) near Durham.

The footage sees the lorry getting blown across the road, before accidentally tipping onto one side – performing a wheelie in the process.
Harrison Smith captured the video on his mobile phone, with the truck experiencing difficulties during rush hour.

He told the Daily Mail: "The moment we saw the way the lorry was moving about in the wind we knew it was very dangerous so we started flashing him and putting on our hazards to try to alert him.

"Eventually it got so severe I got out my phone out to record it, when suddenly all the wheels on the lorry's left side came up off the road completely so he was doing a wheelie. It was unbelievable.

"It went so far over that it's shocking it was able to right itself. I am surprised it didn't fall over."

The driver of the lorry pulled the vehicle over to the hard shoulder after its wheels retuned to the ground.

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