Driver caught on camera crashing through restaurant in India

When a Car Crashes Into a Restaurant - Fate Was on Their Side

A driver in India made the critical error of hitting the accelerator pedal of his car instead of the brake – and careered through the front of a restaurant as a result.

The driver, who was parking his car in Jharkland State, had his family in the vehicle when he made the mistake.
After pressing the accelerator instead of the brake, the car shoots through the glass-fronted restaurant, sending tables and chairs flying.

One person, sat next to the window, is missed by the out-of-control vehicle by inches, with the back of his chair pressed against the car's door panel.

Incredibly, nobody was injured as a result of the crash. All of the footage was captured by a CCTV camera mounted inside the restaurant – which itself escaped being damaged by the car.

The red Volkswagen Polo is also captured on film from outside the building, with the vehicle steadily rolling through the glass front of the restaurant, leaving passers-by looking on in amazement.
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