YouTuber arrested after showing how to get weapons through airport security

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Police in Spain have arrested a YouTube user who created videos showing viewers how to pass weapons through airport security.

A number of banned weapons, explosives precursors and a home-made grenade were found at the man's home in Marmolejo, southern Spain, the Daily Mail reports.

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"Some of the weapons were specifically designed so they could not be detected on airport scanners and other security systems," a police spokesman said.

"A large part of the material distributed by this man on the Internet was in Arabic and one of the videos even starred a man of north African origin.

"In the property searches that have taken place, officers have confiscated several banned weapons, explosives precursors and documents which including one with detailed information about the security measures on the border separating Spain from Morocco."

According to The Sun, the man was not officially named but has been remanded in jail.

The carpenter's son had published hundreds of videos since 2010 including one which shows how make a home-made vibrator and another showing users how to make a swimming pool.

He was arrested after an anonymous tip-off.

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