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Dear Fixer,
TalkTalk took over my phone and internet provision about a year ago. It takes about £27 out of my account each month, but I cannot find out what for.

I get my bill by email and when I click "Log in to see MyAccount" I get the message "The login details you entered were incorrect. Please try again or reset them now."

When I reset, a message comes up saying "An email has been sent to you", but no email is ever sent.

I have been through the process maybe 30 times with no luck. I am tired of phoning and always being told that they do not recognise me, even though they recognise my bank account to collect the money every month.

I have spent hours on the phone, to no avail. I cannot even change provider because TalkTalk will not let the line go as they don't know who I am.

I have complained to Ofcom, but nothing has changed. Can you help?

Dr M Curran, Chigwell

Dear Dr Curran,

It appears that your problems signing into MyAccount are because you have never registered for the service.

Following my intervention, TalkTalk has contacted you to explain your monthly charges. The company has also apologised for the problems you have had getting information about your account, which it says is used regularly.

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: "We are sorry Dr Curran did not get the support he needed when he called to ask about registering for MyAccount. We have now explained his bill in detail and offered to help him register."

There is also an online guide to registering for MyAccount, which you can read at your leisure.

The Fixer

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