V8-powered Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider for sale on eBay

Credit: 1957ferraritr250, eBay

A classic, yet unusual Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider has come up for sale on the online auction site eBay.

The car, which is currently on 60 bids at $20,100, is a 1958 Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider Veloce, claims seller '1957ferraritr250'.
However, he then goes on to say that the previous owner performed an amateur custom build on the car 20 years ago, installing a Chevrolet 5.7-litre V8 with a matching Turbo 350 automatic gearbox, seats from a 1967 Camaro and a Ford live axle rear end.

While the body is 'rust-free', the listing details the number of imperfections on the car, varying from bad paint quality to inadequate brakes, and no roof.

Also mentioned is that the car has been 'tubbed' – a phrase which refers to putting larger tyres on a narrower axle on to a vehicle – which indicates that the classic may have been used for drag racing.

V8-powered Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider for sale on eBay
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V8-powered Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider for sale on eBay



In case prospective buyers are dissuaded by the amount of modifications to the vehicle, the seller also lists a number of potential uses and projects.

The car would be suited 'to an enthusiast who wants to drive it and enjoy it as it is,' he writes. Or, perhaps, to someone with the 'Foose or Kindig type skills' to turn it into a 'dreamlike custom build'.

Last but not least, he suggests the car would be suited to an 'Alfa Romeo purist who has the knowledge and the talent to restore the car back to original.'

One thing for certain is that whoever ends up buying it can rest assured that they have got their hands on a completely unique vehicle.
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