Flying car due to hit the skies in eight years

Flying Car 'Coming Soon': Futuristic Prototype Unveiled

Massachusetts-based car manufacturer Terrafugia is hoping to be able to sell its flying car in as little as eight years.

The TF-X is still in the development stage, but Terrafugia is hoping to have built full-sized unmanned prototype created by 2018.
Terrafugia was founded in 2006, and is made up of a team of graduates from MIT. It hopes that the dream of creating a truly airborne car can become a reality.

Designed to be a flying car that anyone could own and use, the TF-X is due to cost around the same as luxury high-end cars. It will also have a range of 500 miles while cruising at a speed of 200mph.

Terrafugia is designing the TF-X to offer either manual or automatic driving modes, enabling the vehicle to land itself in a controlled manner. This setup would also mean that the learning procedure for the car would be greatly reduced over a traditional plane.
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