Drifting BMW driver caught on camera in snowstorm

'Best Worst Driver in the History of a Snowstorm' Spotted in Rochester
A driver has caught an incredible display of snow driving on camera during the recent snowstorm that hit the east coast of America.

The footage, which was uploaded on February 16, shows a BMW 3 Series drift from left to right, whilst impeccably following the car in front without so much as a hint of loss of control.
The unknown motorist, who has been dubbed the 'best worst driver in the history of a snowstorm', was spotted by Mark Reussow as he travelled along the snow covered highway in Rochester, New York.

In the video Reussow, an automotive consultant from Rochester, exclaims, 'he's just having fun!' before commenting on the driver's skill, calling him a 'professional'.

Shortly after, he adds: 'I hope he bites it', before the video ends, as the BMW continues to drift, still very much in control.
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