Toyota issue worldwide RAV4 recall after seatbelt issues

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Toyota has issued a worldwide recall of its popular RAV4 SUV, following concerns over the seat belts fitted to the car.

So far, the recall affects around 1.3 million vehicles in America, as well as 625,000 in Europe. This applies to vehicles built between 2006 and 2012, as well as RAV4 EV's from 2012 to 2014.
The recall also affects around 434,000 RAV4 cars in China.

Toyota has found that the lap portion of the seatbelts in the rear seats of the car could come into contact with part of the metal cushion frame, severing the belt.

If this occurred during a collision, it could result in the passengers not being properly restrained. This could mean a greater chance of injury or death should an accident occur.

Toyota will notify affected drivers through the post, and organise a time to repair the problem by installing resin seat covers to the metal seat frame. This will be done free of charge and at the customer's earliest convenience.

Seatbelt problems have been plaguing many manufacturers, with faults in the critical safety devices causing concern enough for recalls.

The RAV4 was the first sport utility vehicle to hit the market on its debut it 1994, aiming to offer drivers a greater amount of visibility, as well as four-wheel-drive capability and a larger amount of interior space.

The model affected was the first to be offered in regular and extended wheelbase layouts.
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