Drag racer's parachute fails during event in California

A drag racer had a lucky escape after his parachute failed on a 300 mph plus run.

Gary Densham was taking part in the NHRA season opener in Pomona, California, in a 5,000hp 'Funny car' when his parachute failed to deploy as he reached 307mph.
Unable to stop himself in time, the 69-year-old's Dodge Charger ploughed through a sand pit and into the safety net at the end of the strip, flipping up onto its nose.

Incredibly Densham was unhurt in the incident, and even managed to register a career-record 4.050 seconds at 307.3 mph in the same run.

However his car, which ended up entangled in the net, looked slightly the worse for wear.

Despite the crash, Densham still fared better than his competitor, Jim Campbell, whose car reportedly blew up only 300 feet into the race.

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