Lion cub befriends flock of lambs (video)

Masha the Lion Cub Befriends Flock of Lambs

No, we are not pulling the wool over your eyes: this beautiful six-month-old lioness named Masha has struck up an unlikely friendship with a flock of lambs.

The 50-strong flock live peacefully together with Masha on a farm in Dagestan, Russia.

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Masha loves to tease her hooved friends, chasing them around the farmhouse all day long, and even playfully nipping them to get them going.

Her antics certainly keep the unusual farmhouse lively; the farm owner even claims that the little lioness helps keep the sheep shipshape.

As Masha is just a cub, the sheep are quite safe - and to keep it that way, the farm owner is already planning a separate room for Masha when she develops into a fully grown lioness.

This isn't the only unlikely pairing between lion and other animals. Last summer we reported on a baby lion that was taken in by a dog at Nama Zoo just north of the Gaza strip.

The nine-day-old baby lion was abandoned by its mother when she fell ill.

Zookeepers were desperate after two other lions cubs died, so they turned to the dog, a mother of eight newborn puppies, to nurse the lion cub until he was able to feed on his own.

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Lion cub befriends flock of lambs (video)

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