Car loses control on snowy Russian road and ends up in ditch

Credit: 76й Регион

Icy conditions spelled disaster for one Russian motorist when he lost control of his vehicle and it went flying into a roadside ditch.

A dashcam video of the incident was uploaded onto YouTube yesterday –although the clip is time-stamped March 27, 2012. The car is seen to swerve and skid before losing control and leaving the road in a cloud of snow.
While it is unclear from the video what make or model the car was, the uploader has handily named it 'Hyundai Tucson' followed by 'went into a ditch' in Russian.

The pursuing driver immediately pulls onto the edge of the road, stopping by the stricken Hyundai, which is seen to be resting on its side.

While the accident itself is unfortunate, it could have been much worse if the car had crashed just metres further along the road, where it could have struck a number of trees.

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