Survey finds many drivers fear selling their car

Car dealer with customers
Research has found that many drivers still dread the thought of selling their car because of a fear of being ripped off.

The survey, which was conducted by online car selling platform Tootle, questioned 1,000 people in the UK who sold their car last year.
An amazing 61 per cent of those asked were anxious about the possibility of having to sell their car, with a quarter of people admitting that they previously had a bad experience when selling their vehicle.

Over a quarter of people surveyed found haggling to be the most stressful part of selling a car, while a third feared getting a bad deal when putting their motor on sale.

Al Taylor, Tootle CEO, said: "The prices offered by dealers on a car can vary dramatically depending on how desirable that particular model is to their customer base – and it's this inconsistency in pricing that can make consumers feel like they're being ripped off.

"Our research also suggests that sellers get a below market price from car buying services or part-exchanging with a single dealer because the car will end up being put through auction – the cost of which is deducted from the offer price."

Sixty-eight percent of women questioned in the survey fear selling their car, while 53 per cent of men asked think the same. Many were afraid of the thought of dealing with buyers, and making sure that they got a fair price for their vehicle.
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