Formula One car makes pit stop outside Houses of Parliament

F1 Racing Car Performs Pit Stop on London Street

What's something that can wake a politician up? Probably a Formula One car making a pit stop directly outside the Houses of Parliament.

That's exactly what happened during a stunt by Red Bull, when it took one of its high-powered cars for a spin around central London.
With very few barriers set in place for protection, the move takes place in front of confused passers-by, who seem unable to understand why an F1 car is speeding through the capital's streets.

The pit stop is almost as lightning-quick as those seen on the F1 circuit, although it does seem that the driver is slowing down a little bit to further enjoy the experience.

With the F1 season kicking off in March, it won't be too long before we see pit stops like these on our television screens once more, albeit in a more familiar environment.
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