Flight attendant praised for helping elderly passenger eat

Thai Airways flight attendant praised for helping elderly man eat

A flight attendant on a Thai Airways plane has been praised after he helped to feed an elderly passenger on board.

A photo of the pair was uploaded to Facebook by fellow passengerThomas Lim and it has quickly spread over the internet.

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Lim posted the photo with the following caption: "Saw something that I am really touch[ed by]. This air steward in Thai airways TG417 from Suvarnabhumi BKK to KLIA today fed an elderly gentlemen his meal. This elderly gentlemen has problem eating himself and this air steward helps him to eat. Very good to see kindness like this. His kindness should be applaud and praise."

This heartwarming moment took place on flight TG417 between Suvarnabhumi and Kuala Lumpur last Thursday, the Mail Online reports.

A spokesperson from the airline said the attendant was likely to have been the chief flight attendant or the flight's purser.

They said: "The comfort and well-being of our passengers is always our first priority at Thai Airways.

"We pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the world's leading airlines when it comes to customer service, but it is clear that our colleague went the extra mile on this occasion."

Thomas Lim's original Facebook post has since been shared more than 2,600 times and comments include: "This is not a sight you see often. Bless this man for being kind and compassionate."

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Flight attendant praised for helping elderly passenger eat

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