Mother and toddler saved from sinking car in Amsterdam

Photo credit: RTL Nieuws
A mother and toddler were saved from a sinking car after crashing into a canal in Amsterdam, with four men diving into the freezing waters to free them.

It is thought that the woman's car dropped into the canal after attempting to park in a bay close to the Schinkel River.
After exiting the vehicle, she saw it begin to roll forward, before frantically trying to free her child. However, despite the attempt the car rolled even further and fell into the canal.

Several young men then jumped into the canal in an attempt to free the mother and child while the car began to sink.

There are conflicting reports as to how the men managed to free the woman and child – with one saying that the four men used stones to smash the car's windows. Other reports say that an office worker who dived into the water grabbed a hammer which he used to gain entry to the vehicle.

The mother and daughter were taking to hospital after the incident, but are reported to not have suffered any injuries as a result of the crash.

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