How to land a Boeing 737 in an emergency (video)

Video tutorial on how to safely land a plane

Shaky take-offs, dodgy landings and severe turbulence are just a few of the things that may panic nervous plane passengers, but what happens if the pilot is suddenly unable to continue with the flight?

One commercial pilot has put this to the test and created a video to instruct passengers on what they should do if this ever happens.

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Tim Morgan believes that by following the instructions given in this tutorial posted to YouTube last week anyone could safely land an aircraft.

The video starts with the following statement: "It's every passengers worst nightmare, both pilots slumped over the controls, unconscious. With no one else to turn to a nervous flight attendant reluctantly admits you into the cockpit."

Morgan explains that the plane is probably already flying on autopilot so it won't 'fall out of the sky' however there is still the issue of landing the plane.

The seasoned pilot also explains that many planes will have different cockpit controls, and it's difficult to cover them all, he therefore focusses on how to land a Boeing 737.

So far the video has had more than 330,000 views on YouTube although many of the comments on the short film question how easy it would be for a passenger to gain access to the cabin.

One of the most important initial instructions is that Air Traffic Control needs to be informed of the situation, once this has been done they will direct all other aircrafts out of your way and find a suitable pilot to help talk you down into landing.

Perhaps the most nerve wracking sentence of the video is when Morgan says: "You're lined up for the runway, you're at a safe landing speed, the gearing flaps are down and you're starting to feel like you might survive this - it's time to turn off the autopilot and hand fly it to a landing."

The video goes on to give a detailed explanation on how to manually land a plane onto an airport runway.

Now, hopefully this video will never be needed by anyone but it's definitely worth a watch for those nervous passengers out there!

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How to land a Boeing 737 in an emergency (video)

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