Google Street View captures 'ghost' in hotel window

Has this man found a haunted hotel on Google Street View?

Have you ever spotted something odd in a dark corridor? Or maybe you could have sworn you saw someone standing in the window of an empty building?

Well you're not the only one. The presence of ghosts has long been debated the world over but has one man in Liverpool finally given us the proof we needed all along?

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Twitter user @keswickbro recently posted a number of images to the social networking site that he had taken from Google Street View.

He posted two images showing the Stuart Hotel in Liverpool that were taken by Google Street View in May 2015.
The first image shows the outside of a regular hotel but the second, close-up photograph appears to show a ghoulish face pressed up against an upstairs window.

The Twitter user told the Liverpool Echo: "I was looking on Google Street View to find a fish and chip shop in Walton, and I came across The Stuart Hotel.

"Something in the top left hand window caught my eye. It looks like a ghostly image of an evil-looking face."

Has this man found the face of a ghost on Google Street View?

He added: "Look closely and it looks like it is breathing on the inside of the window.

"Next to the face is what looks like a man in a tuxedo and dicky bow."

This isn't the first time that the Stuart Hotel has come into question with regards to ghostly activities.

Paranormal expert Tom Slemen explained how in the late 1890s the hotel landlord heard strange scratching noises in the pub cellar that were initially thought to come from a rat.

But the noises became louder and louder until one day the whole building began to shake uncontrollably.

The bizarre noises and movements only stopped when a priest from a nearby church left a bible in the cellar.

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