Cholmondeley Power and Speed announced

The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power has unveiled its new name – Cholmondeley Power and Speed.

The new title has been announced at the launch of this year's event at the Hurlingham Club, London.
The main theme for the event has also been announced, with the supercars of the past, present and future being celebrated. This means that cars such as the 1969 Lamborghini Miura are being displayed, right up to the 2016 McLaren 650S. All of them will take part in track displays, giving visitors the chance to see these iconic supercars up close, as well as hearing them on the move.

Also incorporated into the event is Motorshow Live, which gives car manufacturers the chance to show off their latest models to the public, exercising them on the track and giving them the opportunity to test drive them in a memorable setting.

James Hall, event director, said: "Over the past eight years, we have worked to keep our annual motorsport event at Cholmondeley Castle as entertaining, family-friendly and fresh as possible, resulting in record visitor numbers last year.

Cholmondeley Power and Speed Announced
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Cholmondeley Power and Speed announced



"With a racetrack that rewards power and speed, we felt it was time for these key factors to be better represented in the event name and after much thought, Cholmondeley Power and Speed was born.

"We teamed the new name with a revised format which allows us to offer manufacturers a hands-on experience for their guests, seeing first-hand what makes our track special in some truly great cars.

"We are sure that this, combined with the on and off-track action, air displays and water activity for which Cholmondeley has become famous, will make 2016 the best and most exciting event yet."
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