Survey finds car that gives best impression on a first date

A survey has revealed which cars make the best impression on a first date – and which ones don't.

The study, which was conducted by Zuto, surveyed 1,874 people to find out which car would make the greatest impression when meeting a potential new partner.
Out on top with 94 per cent of votes was the BMW 3-Series, with those surveyed saying that the 3-Series shows that the drivers had good taste and are exciting to be around.

Coming hot on the heels of the BMW was the Mercedes C-Class, which accumulated 90 per cent of people's choices. In contrast, 43 per cent of people thought that the Vauxhall Astra would make the worst first impression on a first date, followed by the Ford Mondeo.

Despite its popularity, 37 per cent of people voted that the Ford Fiesta would generate a bad impression when first meeting someone.

James Wilkinson of Zuto said: "Despite the clichés about those with certain cars overcompensating for shortcomings, our research shows that the luxury of high-end cars really does count when we form out first impression of our potential dates.

"What is clear, is no matter what you're driving, you'll need to spend as much time grooming your car as you do yourself if you want any prospective relationship to get out of first gear."

45 per cent of those surveyed thought that a tidy car interior would help win them over, while 30 per cent also thought that a sweet smelling air freshener would help seal the deal.
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