This hotel robot will deliver your forgotten toothpaste

Hotel Robot Will Deliver Your Forgotten Toothpaste
Hotel Robot Will Deliver Your Forgotten Toothpaste

Forgetting your toothbrush/suncream/teabags/holiday essentials while you're travelling is just a tad annoying - especially when you don't know where, when or how you can replace them.

But your worries may soon be a thing of the past: next time you're staying in a hotel, don't be surprised if a robot turns up at your door to deliver your precious forgotten items.

Relay is a delivery robot, made by Savioke, that has the ability to deliver items to customers autonomously.

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All you need to do is call the front desk from your room and make your request (toothpaste, an extra towel or whatever it is that you're missing).

An employee will then drop the item into Relay's top compartment and dispatch the robot to where he needs to be.

They even have touchscreen displays allowing guests to leave a rating of the robot after delivery.

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'Sophisticated on the inside yet fun on the inside'', the robot uses Wi-Fi and 3D cameras to navigate the hallways and corridors of the hotel and find its way to the right room.

Unsurprisingly Savioke has said that some guests order an item just so they can see how the robot works first-hand.

There are already 12 robots in use in hotels around the world, and so far, they have completed as many as 13,000 autonomous deliveries.

While Savioke is focused on using Relay in hotels at the moment, the company says that it could help out it nursing homes, restaurants and hospitals in the future.

"We are inspired by people who use technology to overcome disabilities, and we believe that robots have the potential to make all of our lives better", it says.

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