Classic Bentley with Louis Vuitton luggage goes on sale

When is your 1931 8 Litre Bentley with a strong racing and record breaking background not quite what you want it to be? Probably when it doesn't include some designer Louis Vuitton luggage. Luckily for any prospective buyer, this 1931 8 Litre Bentley comes with just that.

This particular car holds three Brighton Speed Trial records, but despite this features vintage mint condition Louis Vuitton luggage cases made to fit on the rack at the back. A reflection of the priorities of customers, racers and manufacturers alike in what was an infinitely classy era in the history of the fast motorcar, this car was clearly a machine for the gentleman racer who in-between road course record setting sessions would like to tour in comfort.
The 8 Litre is one of only a hundred of its type ever made, with this particular powerplant being the largest engine fitted by Bentley in this era. William Medcalf Vintage Bentley, who has put the car on sale, is obviously keen for it to get used, highlighting the cars broad variety of appeal both as a luxury vehicle and as a genuinely competitive and powerful period racer.

Classic Bentley with Louis Vuitton luggage goes on sale
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Classic Bentley with Louis Vuitton luggage goes on sale

Owner William Medcalf spoke about the appeal of the 8 Litre, saying: "As soon as I saw this car it was clear it was a perfect example of the brand and the wide-ranging appeal that vintage Bentleys hold.

"The Louis Vuitton luggage helps it offer a real taste of 1930s luxury, while the undoubted performance of the 8 Litre engine means it could easily add to its already decorated racing career."

The car is available to view at the William Medcalf Vintage Bentley showroom in Liss, West Sussex.

Author: Ethan Jupp
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