Brits hide more than £600 in purchases a year from loved ones

Brits hide more than £600 a year in purchases from loved ones
Brits hide more than £600 a year in purchases from loved ones

Plenty of us are guilty of splurging on one off purchases and then fudging the truth when friends and family ask how much it cost, but the scale of secret spending it getting out of hand.

A staggering 52% of Brits have admitted to lying to their partners and loved ones about just how much they have spent when out shopping. A recent survey from Voucherbox shows that more than half of those polled admitted to hiding around £50 of spending each month.
Concealing items from your partner is the most common type of secret spending, but people are also lying to their parents and children about what they've bought.

The most common things that are hidden are clothing and accessories, while 28% of people admitted to hiding food purchases, and 21% beauty products.

Some 9% of those polled said they had hidden the amount they spend on gambling, with another 13% covering up money spent on alcohol.

There was also a significant difference in the spending patterns of women and men, with 57% of women hiding clothing and accessories compared to just 27% of men.

On the other hand, 25% of men admitted to hiding tech items they had bought, compared to just 11% of women - although when it came to discussing food, 38% of women didn't own up to their purchases compared to 30% of men.

When it comes to age, the survey showed that young people were the most likely to hide purchases from their loved ones. As many as 75% of 18 to 24-year-olds have hidden items they've bought, compared to just 47% of over 55s.

Nationally the average is 55%, while those in the West Midlands were found to be the biggest liars, with 62% hiding purchases. They are closely followed by those in the capital, with 60% of Londoners claiming to have spent less than they actually did.

Recent research from TD Waterhouse looked into how couples deal with their finances, revealing that 94% of people believed that discussing finances in a relationship is vital.

The results also showed that even 14% of those who are happy in their relationships admitting to arguing about money at least once a week.

Shane Forster from Voucherbox said: "Money can be a cause of arguments between family, friends and partners, so we encourage people to be both smart and honest with their money."

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