Hampshire police force apologise for splashing pedestrian

Credit: Amir555

Hampshire police has issued an official apology to a pedestrian after one of its officers was caught on camera driving through a puddle and splashing him.

The incident was caught on the dashcam of taxi driver Julie Matthews, who was driving behind the Ford Focus police vehicle on Leigh Road in Eastleigh, Hampshire.
Despite the opposite side of the road being clear, and a significant gap between the patrol vehicle and Mrs Matthews' taxi being present, the police officer made no attempt to avoid the puddle, or even slow down as they drove through it, sending a wave of filthy water crashing over unsuspecting pedestrian, James Stubbs.

Initially, Hampshire Police failed to apologise, stating that it was safer for the officer to drive through the puddle rather than swerve or stop suddenly. However, when Stubbs came forward to make an official complaint, they apologised, even going so far as to arrange a personal visit to the victim.

The 23-year-old gym instructor was walking to work when the car sped past and soaked him, without even stopping to check he was ok.

Speaking to the Sun, Stubbs said: "The other cars were avoiding the puddle, then the police car just drove straight through it. It got me completely soaked while I was wearing my work stuff. With an eight-hour shift ahead of me it wasn't ideal and it wasn't the cleanest water. They could have at least stopped and apologised."

Under the Road Traffic Act, driving though a puddle and splashing a pedestrian can be an offence which carries between and three and nine penalty points and a maximum fine of £5,000.

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