Stranded baby dolphin rescued by teenagers (video)

Quick-Thinking Teenagers Rescue Stranded Baby Dolphin

A baby dolphin which recently became stranded at Goegrup Lake near Mandurah in Western Australia was rescued in the nick of time.

Fortunately the struggling creature was found by a group of teenagers who did their best to make sure the animal could make its way back into the deep waters.

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The footage shows the quick-thinking boys, Zachary, Michael and Ryan, helping the baby dolphin, who initially seemed less than keen to be touched.

In the video, the boys can be heard wondering whether it had turned up in the shallow water because it might have been injured by a boat.

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The teenagers spent time in the water with the dolphin trying to turn it around and send it back on its way to the deeper water.

Although it appeared to try and get away from the boys to start with, it then seemed to relax and let them twist him around.

The teenagers eventually successfully turn the dolphin around and launch him further into the lake before it can be seen racing through the water away from them.

Goegrup Lake is around 10km from the Peel Inlet and a tributary that runs out of the lake leads directly to the inlet which then runs into the Indian Ocean which is presumably where the dolphin came from.

According to National Geographic, the bottlenose dolphin can reach speeds of 18 miles an hour and are generally found in tropical oceans and other areas with warm waters.

Towards the end of last year an incredible video showed a group of horse riders on the beach who were joined by some brave dolphins in the water.

The footage shows the two horses edging slowly into the water while the dolphins can be seen bobbing around in the shallow sea, their fins just visible about the surface.

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Stranded baby dolphin rescued by teenagers (video)

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