Police car splashes pedestrian in Eastleigh

Credit: Amir555

A dashcam has caught the moment a marked British police car drove through a giant puddle and drenched an unsuspecting pedestrian.

Taxi driver Julie Matthews captured the footage on her dashboard-mounted camera as she drove along Leigh Road in Eastleigh, Hampshire.
The unidentified male was strolling alongside the main road when the police car approaches and makes no attempt to avoid the puddle, showering the shorts-wearing walker with dirty water, before continuing along the road.

Police have defended the driver's actions, claiming it was safer for the officer to drive through the puddle, rather than swerve onto the opposite side of the road, or slow abruptly.

This is despite Mrs Matthews easily managing to take evasive measures in her following taxi, as seen in the footage.

Splashing a pedestrian while driving though a puddle can be an offence under the Road Traffic Act and carries between and three and nine penalty points and a maximum fine of £5,000.

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