Traffic officer manages to issue ticket after being shot

Traffic Officer Gets Shot, Still Gives Ticket

A traffic officer in South Africa was shot while issuing a driver with a ticket, but managed to get back to his feet and return fire before calmly returning to his first task.

Traffic officer Nizaam Alexander was issuing a driver with a ticket when a passer-by approached the scene.
The footage, which was captured on the officer's dashcam, sees the pedestrian pull out a gun and check to see if the weapon is loaded. He accidentally jams the gun and in a panic slips out of the view of the camera.

When he returns, he walks up to Alexander and fires a round into the officer's back, before walking away.

He fails to realise that after Alexander drops to the ground, the traffic officer manages to pick himself up and draw his own weapon.

Returning fire, the officer sprints after the shooter, who unfortunately escaped.

Alexander then returns to the Mercedes that he had pulled over, issuing the driver with a ticket while back-up arrives.

The full extent of Alexander's injuries are not known, though it appears that the traffic officer was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of the shooting.
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