Woman fined £145 for eating banana in traffic (video)

Are You Serious? Mother Fined $200 for Eating Banana in Traffic

Sitting in a long line of traffic can really work up an appetite, but satisfying your hunger could cost you.

A British woman was fined a staggering £145 for eating a banana while behind the wheel.

Elsa Harris' crime was spotted by an eagle-eyed policeman in Christchurch, Dorset.

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The officer claimed that Elsa had committed a crime by taking her hands off the wheel to peel the banana.

And that's not where Elsa's bad luck ended - because not only was she fined but she was also given penalty points on her driving licence.

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The amount of points she received for her supposed crime is the same amount given to those who have hit a pedestrian.

Elsa Harris told the Bournemouth Echo: "I'm a single mum, this is the most expensive banana I've ever had in my life.

"When the officer got out he was really angry from the offset, but I was still completely unaware I'd done anything wrong."

She went on to explain that as a carer she often doesn't have time to stop for lunch while at work so she has to 'eat on the hoof'.

The Dorset Police No Excuse team deal with 'bad and inconsiderate driving' and they posted a comment on their Facebook page discussing the incident.

They said: "A driver was offered a driver awareness course for not having proper control of their vehicle whilst driving. They had been seen peeling a banana whilst driving with no hands on the steering wheel, risking the safety of other road users."

A later comment clarified that the offender had in fact been offered a Drivers Awareness Course which costs the same as the fine.

If she had chosen to take the police up on this offer then she would have avoided the points on her licence.

You can see the full statement from the No Excuse team on their Facebook page here.

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Woman fined £145 for eating banana in traffic (video)
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