First Drive: Ford Focus RS

The hotly-anticipated third generation Focus RS is finally here, and with production already ramping up at Ford's Saarlouis plant in Germany, it's getting ready to take on the world. Can it live up to months of hype? AOL Cars heads to the car's international launch in Spain to find out.

What is it?

The car fast Ford fans have been waiting on for the last five years: the latest generation of Focus RS. Unlike the angrily-styled lime green monster that came before it, this RS no longer has just European (and particularly Essex boy) tastes in mind: instead, it has to appeal to the world, as for the first time it's going on sale in far-flung markets like Asia and America too.

This Focus has quite a lot resting on its shoulders, too. Not only must it live up to the RS badge's rich heritage – stretching back to 1968, believe it or not – but it's also got to compete with the sales success that is the Volkswagen Golf R, along with a pair of premium rivals from Mercedes and Audi. No pressure, then.