Incredibly rare Ferrari spotted on the road in Connecticut

Credit: Speedracer38

One of Ferrari's ultra rare FXX Evoluzione was spotted on a road in Connecticut last week while it was en-route to an event at a nearby track.

The FXX is one of Ferrari's fastest ever cars, with a top speed of 214mph. With the Evoluzione pack fitted, the FXX can theoretically reach 250mph - making it their fastest car ever.
The Evoluzione pack itself cost an extra £1 million on top of the astronomical £2 million 'base' model's price tag and it is unknown how many of the 30 FXX's have the special pack fitted.

As a track-legal model, it is very unlikely you will see this car on the road - but the added power and price over even a standard FXX makes it a truly unique spectacle. This particular car was seen on the road being driven between a nearby Ferrari dealership and a local event.

The original XX model was based on Ferrari's Enzo, with the last one — given to Michael Schumacher — built in 2008. It was replaced by the FXX-K, a track-only hypercar based on the Italian manufacturer's LaFerrari, in 2015.

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