Student saves 50 lives after bus driver falls unconscious (video)

Rosie Vare
How This Student Saved 50 Lives When His Bus Driver Became Unconscious
How This Student Saved 50 Lives When His Bus Driver Became Unconscious

This 14-year-old student saved the lives of 50 students after the bus driver taking them home from school suddenly fell unconscious.

Cory Lewis was on the bus home from school when a car hit the back of the school bus and was heading towards a ditch.

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Lewis describes how he got up from the floor after the accident and made his way to the front of the bus where he pulled the emergency brake, stopping the bus and saving everyone's lives.

Cory said: "We were going across the stop sign, and we got halfway when a car hit us. I noticed the bus driver wasn't in her seat, I got up from off the ground, I went up here and I hit the brake."

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But how did a 14-year-old boy know what to do? Cory's mother has been a bus driver for the last 20 years and her son's instincts kicked in when they were needed the most.

Cory helps his mother each morning with the security checks on her own vehicle, and it seems years of practice came in handy this week.

According to this was not Cory's usual route home but the other students on board were lucky he was there that day.

Lisa Locklear, Cory's mother, described her son as her 'little hero' adding: "I just feel in my heart that God put him on that bus for a reason."

School officials say the driver of both the car and bus are both alright and thanks to Cory, none of the students on board were injured.

School Bus Accident in Westland
School Bus Accident in Westland