Fly tipper blames crime on imaginary identical twin brother

dumped tyres
dumped tyres

Paul Henry, a 52-year-old from Old Basford in Nottingham, has been found guilty of dumping old tyres by a roadside last February. He tried a number of ruses in order to evade justice for fly-tipping, but perhaps the most surprising was when he pretended that the man the witness had seen dumping them was his identical twin brother.

Henry was seen dumping 14 tires by the roadside last February, but the Daily Telegraph reported that during the 10 month investigation he tried a number of wheezes to wriggle out of prosecution. He gave the council old addresses, and when eventually caught, he claimed it had been his identical twin brother throwing tyres out of the back of a van: Henry doesn't have an identical twin.

The BBC reported that he denied fly tipping, but was convicted, ordered to pay almost £800, and electronically tagged.

The council said it was the first time they'd heard this outlandish excuse, but identical twins have been causing nightmares for courts for years.

In several high-profile cases, people arrested on DNA evidence have blamed their identical twin - leaving lawmakers with a nightmare. In one case in France in 2013, the authorities cut their losses and arrested both brothers. In another case in the US in 2013, the authorities identified the twin who was responsible, but in the process of investigating both brothers, they discovered that the other twin had committed crimes of his own.

Earlier this week, a man in Pennsylvania who was accused of stabbing a friend gave his twin's name and details. The twin's name and picture were circulated to local media asking people to track him down. Eventually the real suspect was marched to the police station by his brother, where he admitted the deception.

In October 2014 police were investigating a robbery at a grocery store in Roy, Washington. Brother number 1 blamed brother number 2. Brother number 2 admitted the crime - although he had to ask investigators to remind him of what had happened before he admitted to it. Brother number 2 was arrested and charged. It was only after listening to his phone calls that police discovered that brother number 1 was actually the guilty party.

And in 2012 a man in Tennessee was arrested and spent 36 hours in jail for a crime his identical twin brother had committed - despite the fact that his twin brother was dead. He was arrested after police ran his drivers' licence through the system and found an outstanding arrest warrant. Eventually the police discovered that the deceased twin had given his brother's name at the scene of the crime, and let their prisoner go. They said at the time that it happened with twins all the time.

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