Phantom vibration syndrome: Do you suffer?

'Phantom Vibration Syndrome' Is Why You Think Your Phone Is Ringing When It's Not

Have you ever 'felt' your phone ringing or vibrating only to discover you were just imagining it?

Then you're probably suffering from 'Phantom Vibration Syndrome'.

Yes, it's really a thing, according to psychologists.

Dr Randi Smith, associate professor of psychology at MSU Denver, says it's a reaction to "...a fear that we're going to miss a text, somebody is trying to reach us and we're not being responsive."

A new study of undergraduate students found that nine out of 10 are affected by the syndrome.

A source from Georgia Institute of Technology explains: "When a phone is in your pocket it becomes part of your body, like wearing glasses. This can cause movement of clothing and muscle spasms to potentially be perceived as vibration."

It's just a hallucination - but it reflects how attached we are to new technology.

So what should you do about it if you find you're suffering from the syndrome?

Dr Smith suggests that her students go on a 'media fast'. But it's easier said than done, apparently.

"Typically, they report back saying 'I couldn't go an hour'!."

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