Playboy Mansion up for sale for $200 million - with one bizarre catch

Sarah Coles
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Playboy Mansion Hosts Red Carpet Event For EuropaCorp's "The Transporter Refueled"

The Playboy Mansion is reportedly up for sale for an incredible $200 million. The gothic-style Los Angeles mansion comes with all the eccentric extras you would expect of Hugh Hefner - plus one you definitely wouldn't expect - Hef insists he has to be allowed to continue living there for the rest of his life.

The home of the founder of Playboy magazine is one of the most expensive on the market in the US at the moment. It has to offer a great deal to be worth even a fraction of the $200 million asking price - especially given that reports have stated that as part of the deal the 89-year-old 'Playboy' himself wants to stay in the house until his death.

What's on offer?
It is a spectacular property, built in 1927 for a department store mogul. Hef bought it in 1971 for around $1.1 million, and turned it into a palace for overgrown adolescent boys.

For those who have embraced the Playboy brand it is your chance to be part of Playboy history. You can roam the rooms that were home to some of the wildest parties in Los Angeles, sleep in Hef's famous bedroom, and swim in the pool that has become the stuff of legend - with its waterfall and swim-in grotto.

For everyone else, the past associations may hold less allure, but it's still an incredible place, covering almost 20,000 square feet with 29 rooms. The master suite, unsurprisingly, is housed over two floors, but there's also a screening room with a built-in pipe organ, a games room, wine cellar, and two kitchens. When you've had enough of relaxing, it also offers a gym and tennis court.

In the 6 acres of gardens —where Hef holds his famous garden parties - there are a host of aviaries and arboretums, where his animals currently roam (the property comes with a zoo licence). Within the grounds is also a four-bedroom guesthouse.

Is it worth it?

It's not known whether the property will fetch its asking price. Over the years there have been some reports that suggest the property is not what it once was, so may require work.

When you bear in mind that a larger estate locally recently sold for $59 million, $200 million starts to seem a bit eye-watering. Playboy Enterprises is clearly hoping that its famous past will help boost the price into the stratosphere, but even for the biggest Playboy fan that seems a little optimistic... and that's even before you consider the fact that Hef could stay on for years.

But what do you think? Would you want to live in the Playboy Mansion? Let us know in the comments.

Playboy Mansion Is for Sale, but Heff Isn't Moving Out
Playboy Mansion Is for Sale, but Heff Isn't Moving Out