Fast-working car thief caught on camera in Kansas City

How Thieves Can Steal Your Car in Seconds

Surveillance footage has captured a fast-working thief stealing a car in seconds in Kansas City.

The thief is caught on camera scanning the area around the car, before pulling his jacket hood over his head and setting to work breaking into the vehicle.
In seconds, the man has gained access.

A local garage owner, Bob Hyer, told TV channel 41 Action News how quickly someone could access a car: "They [the thief] could do it within anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. Someone that knew what they were doing could do it with minimal damage.

"If an amateur did it, it would take them a little bit longer and they would do a lot more damage."

The number of car thefts has risen in the Kansas City areas, with even modern cars being stolen – despite their higher levels of security technology.
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