These are the world's happiest countries

Here Are The World's Happiest Countries
Where the happiest people in the world live?

WIN/Gallup International Association recently conducted a poll to find out which countries' citizens are most often in high spirits.

For the second time in recent years Colombia came out on top of the list with a massive 87 per cent of people describing themselves as being happy.

Fiji came in next, followed by Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Vietnam, among the 68 nations polled, Iraq came in last place with a net happiness of 12 per cent.

Globally, happiness was reported by about 66 per cent of participants, falling from last year's total of 70 per cent.

The 66,040 people polled were also asked about their feelings on the future of economic matters.

Nigeria emerged as the most optimistic nation, with Bangladesh, China and Vietnam following just behind.

The citizens of Greece expressed the least hope for a bright financial future.

The poll also revealed that only 54 per cent of people believe that 2016 will be better than last year with 16 per cent thinking it will be worse and 24 per cent thinking this year will be the same as last.

Jean-Marc Leger, President of WIN/Gallup International Association, said: "2015 has been a tumultuous year for many across the globe, despite that the world remains largely a happy place. 45% of the world is optimistic regarding the economic outlook for 2016, up by 3 per cent compared to last year."

The WIN/Gallup poll was conducted between September and December 2015, find out more about the results at

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These are the world's happiest countries

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