Motorists shown cheapest fuel location through all-new app

An app has been released that will show motorists where the cheapest and nearest petrol stations are – saving them money wherever they may be in the UK.

Created by AppyParking, it is claimed that the service has the potential to save drivers £8.25 on average when they fill up with standard petrol, as well as £7.86 on trips to the diesel pumps.
With prices on fuel varying wildly from station to station, the app helps motorists calculate where they need to go to find the cheapest fuel before they even set off.

With 40.1 per cent of fuel stations regularly selling standard petrol above the UK average price, as well as 37.2 per cent providing diesel at above the national average price, motorists have an even bigger job on their hands to pick the cheapest fuel than ever before.

The most expensive petrol and diesel prices are both located in London – though this means that Londoners have the potential to make the greatest savings.

Users can even use the app to pre-plan a journey, which will tell them the location of the cheapest fuel stations along their chosen route.

Dan Hubert, CEO at AppyParking, said: "UK motorists have played Russian roulette with petrol prices for far too long. We are very excited to give motorists all the information they need to save them money at the pump.

"We are going to take all the stress and guesswork out of motoring in the UK."

Howard Cox, of FairFuelUK, added: "It is most welcome and opportune that the state-of-the-art app AppyParking will pinpoint the lowest pump prices for UK motorists."
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