Criminals caught on camera stealing cars from dealership

Video Shows Luxury Vehicles Being Stolen from Dealership

Surveillance footage has captured a group of criminals stealing four luxury vehicles from a dealership in Kissimmee, Florida.

A Lexus, Cadillac and two BMWs were caught on camera leaving the dealership's forecourt in the hands of the thieves.
The owner of the garage, Alejandro Amengual, told reporters: "It's frustrating. You work so hard to make a living and these people come and take your stuff like that."

The criminals managed to gain access to the vehicles by breaking into the individual lock boxes that are attached to each car, designed to keep the keys safe.

The footage even shows the lead car leaving the dealership by pushing over the chain blocking the exit – knocking over two supporting bollards in the process. They even managed to move the black Jeep SUV that the owner had parked in front of the entrance to block any potential intruders.

Amengual is hoping that the footage will aid officers in tracking down both cars and criminals.
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