Celebrity Big Brother: the good financial reasons for doing it

Celebrity Big Brother 2016
Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Appearing on Celebrity Big Brother is known for producing the kind of over-exposure that can do as much harm as good. For every star who made a career off the back of their appearance on Big Brother, there are plenty more who are still living it down.

Last year alone, Nadia Sawalha told Lorraine Kelly she regretted it "1000 million percent", while Perez Hilton said in his exit interview that he wished he'd never gone on the show. Now this year's housemates are discovering just how stressful the experience can be. However, despite all the stress and humiliation there are still five very good financial reasons for going on the show.

1. To keep doing what you're passionate about
One big fan of reality TV is Jenny Eclair. In October 2014 she wrote in Standard Issue magazine that she had no regrets about doing I'm a Celebrity in 2010, or Masterchef, or even Splash! She wrote of the jungle: "Do I regret it? No, I got £40,000 and three years of regular work out of it, including my first panto. Oh yes I did!" She has said in the past that she loves writing books, but they don't pay enough, the tours are her bread and butter, and the reality TV helps pay the mortgage. She has also pointed out that they can be great fun.

2. For a career boost
Reality TV can work wonders for your career - as long as you are confident you'll shine on the show. There are the comedians who are getting a bit long in the tooth and enjoy a brief resurgence. There are also the many and various panto stars spawned by the show, but for the right people there's a more lasting career benefit. One of the most striking was Vicky Patterson, who emerged from the jungle last year not just with a crown, but with a fledgling career as a TV presenter.
3. To raise money for a good cause
Big Brother was originally all intended to raise money for charity, with the first ever celebrity version of the show being run in conjunction with Comic Relief. Since then, Germaine Greer was one of the most high-profile participants to do so in order to raise money for charity - in this case to help rehabilitate 125 acres of Australian rainforest. Not only is it a great opportunity to hand over a large amount of cash to a cause you are passionate about, but to raise awareness too.

4. To help someone in need
This year former Eastenders actor John Partridge has revealed he is taking part in order to pay for his mum's care home. He said she has been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease since 2010. She lived with the family until March last year, when she needed the care a medical facility could offer. Partridge said his fee will help pay for growing bills for her care, and added: "You can say what you want, but no one takes cares of my bills other than me and that is what I am here to do."

5. To give you a hand with money woes
There are plenty of celebrities who have had financial ups and downs, and some of them grasp the nettle and sign up for a reality show that they know will make a big difference.

Daniella Westbrook is in the house this year. She announced on Twitter in 2014 that after the end of her marriage she had lost her home and was living in sheltered housing. Going into the house will net her a reported £200,000. In circumstances like this, whatever CBB bosses throw at her, she stands to benefit from her stint on the show.

Reality TV can clearly make a huge difference financially in all sorts of ways, but what do you think? Are these good enough reasons for going into the house? Let us know in the comments.

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