Wackiest ever aircraft design ideas

Standing-only cabins, bicycle-style seating and windowless cockpits are just some of the most out-there patents submitted by aircraft manufacturers including Airbus and Boeing, which could become the norm in the future of air travel.

If you thought Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary's standing-only flights were as bizarre as ideas come, you haven't seen Zodiac's design for face-to-face seating or Airbus' sleeping boxes.

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Airbus' isolation helmet is another invention we're not sure we can imagine wearing to watch the latest flick. According to the French company, it will revolutionize the way we watch in-flight entertainment and will be packed with 3D and holographic video support. Passengers will operate the unusual headgear using a remote control or motion capture gloves. They will even be air-conditioned for our comfort.

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The company's plans for a 'vitalising zone' on planes looks too good to be true. Aimed at bringing the "passenger closer to nature," Airbus says the bionic structure and membrane will offer panoramic views of the world outside through large areas where the lining can become transparent at the wave of a hand. The seats will sense your needs, offer massages, drinks, vitamins or even a gentle sea breeze to wash over you - it's one you need to see to believe!

Take a look at some of the bizarre airline patents, from the 'flying doughnut' to isolation helmets.

Airbus Has a Nightmarish Idea for Airplane Seating
Airbus Has a Nightmarish Idea for Airplane Seating