AA announces venture to develop connected car services

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The AA has announced that it is undertaking a new joint venture that will allow companies to create and develop connected car services. This would mean that AA members would benefit from state-of-the-art technologies that would allow them to receive quicker call-out response times.

Part of the technology would allow for automatic call signals to be sent out in the event of an accident, which would allow for recovery and emergency services to be dispatched at a much quicker rate.
As well as this, AA technicians will be able to diagnose problems before getting to the site of a breakdown – this would mean that specialist tools and equipment could be given to patrolmen before leaving. Technicians would then be better equipped to deal with a specific breakdown. In the case of a total breakdown a tow car and customer transport could also be organised.

The system would also be able to monitor a car owner's individual driving style in order to advise on how to reduce fuel costs, with lower insurance costs coming as a by-product of this.

All of this technology would come through a small device embedded in the vehicle that would relay information back to a central control station.

Bob Mackenzie, Executive Chairman of the AA, said: "We are excited to launch this platform for developing our connected-car proposition, sharing best practice with an international group of clubs.

"This is a powerful partnership – it gives us access to existing solutions which are tried, tested and widely adopted; it gives us reach across international manufacturers at a global level and it gives us the ability to both roll-out existing solutions fast and develop ever more sophisticated
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