Fisherman freaks out when shark jumps out of water (video)

That moment you play it really cool when you accidentally get a bronze whaler shark on your fishing line...

One angler in New Zealand did the opposite of that and screamed at the top of his voice with excitement when the shark he'd caught jumped out of the water.

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He films the scene and can be heard exclaiming "It's coming towards the boat", before he shrieks when it leaps from the water.

According to Mashable, Elliot Gordon and Paul Adlington were fishing for snapper in Tauranga Harbour when the 10-foot shark decided to take the bait instead.

The pair were fishing on Christmas Eve when the incident occurred.

Mr Gordon had the shark on his line for more than 30 minutes and it leapt out of the water several times.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, he said: "It was scary because it was jumping quite close to the boat. When it gets that close you're hoping it's not going to jump into the boat.

"If that happened, I would be jumping out of the boat and swimming for the shore."

He added: "I was excited - you can hear it in my voice on the video, I was screaming.

"We actually had guys coming past us on their wakeboards and I thought 'if they knew what was underneath them right now they wouldn't be out here'."

The bronze whaler is a species of requiem shark, and is distributed in a number of separate populations in the northeastern and southwestern Atlantic, off southern Africa, in the northwestern and eastern Pacific, and around Australia and New Zealand.

They only attack humans infrequently, but the species places sixth in the number of unprovoked attacks on people in the world.

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