Mystery vandals slash over 100 car tyres in south Wales

Flat tyre
Mystery vandals have slashed the tyres of more than 100 cars in Newport, south Wales.

Not content with ruining just the tyres, the slashers also smashed windows, threw paint stripper on vehicles and tore off wing mirrors.
The attack caused disruption to dozens of motorists, and local garages were inundated with requests for new tyres.

Motorist Paul Edwards told the South Wales Evening Post about his neighbour who was caught up in the attack: "I was one of the lucky ones but all around my car there have been others done.

"It is quite disappointing so close to Christmas."

Dave Jones, spokesman for Discount Tyres in Newport, said: "We are struggling to cope with demand."

Police are now appealing for witnesses after estimating that 105 cars were damaged by the unnamed thug.

Gwent police force also made a public appeal on Twitter saying: "Have the tyres on your car been damaged overnight? If so please do not throw them away as they may hold vital evidence."

A further eight cars have also been found with flat tyres on Heather Road in the St Julian's area of Newport.

Fast Fit Tyres of Torfaen were called out, with company director Daniel Laws telling the South Wales Argus: "The customer who called drove down the road before noticing something wasn't right.

"He then looked around and noticed that a number of the road-facing tyres appear to have been slashed – it looks like a copycat attack but on a normal scale.

"Once again, if anyone is affected by this in the area, we will be waiving our call out fees in case of vandalism."
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