Driver robbed at the wheel after being involved in crash

Driver Gets Attacked And Robbed While Sitting In His Car After Crash

A driver who was involved in a road accident was unable to collect his thoughts immediately after the accident as he found himself being attacked and robbed at the wheel of his vehicle in Philadelphia.

Captured on the victim's dashcam, the footage shows an assailant burst through the driver's side window, punching the driver in the face. As the victim cowers in horror, the thief steals his iPhone and iPad.
Police are asking for information about the attacker who has yet to be identified.

The victim manages to escape the car, and was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries.

What is even more startling is the appearance of people around the car who only choose to intervene at the very last moment when the attack has finished. The driver has not been named, either.
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