This is how much the Obama family spend at Christmas

Rosie Vare
The High Cost Of The Obamas' Annual Christmas Trip
The High Cost Of The Obamas' Annual Christmas Trip

The President of the United States and his family will soon be leaving for their annual Christmas holiday to Hawaii and like last year it will probably be a costly trip.

Judicial Watch learned from airforce records that the flight related expenses for their 2014 end of year getaway totalled more than $3.6 million dollars.

This amount accounts for 17.8 airborne hours at a rate of $206,337 per hour.

An additional transportation item included the Airforce cargo craft which is used to transport a helicopter and limousine for the president.

This expense is thought to have exceeded $150,000. The secret service detail, local police and emergency personnel required to be on hand are estimated to cost an added thousands of dollars per day.

While many of these public services are paid for with taxpayer funds other expenses like housing are covered by the Obamas.

Last year they returned to an estate that they had rented before in Kailua, but this year they could be heading to a luxury residence owned by the chairman of the president's foundation.

Other expenses revealed by Judicial Watch included $2,425,085 for transportation for Obama's July 2014 fundraising trip to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles as well $400,666 for the family's holiday in Martha's Vineyard in August 2014.

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, making him the first President of the United States to be born in Hawaii.

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