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Seats leave a little to be desired, but the big T looks set to become a popular addition to the fleet.

Despite being shunted out of my Mazda for most of this month, there was a partial silver lining thanks in no small part to the arrival of our new long-term Honda Civic Tourer.
Being an economical and spacious diesel, this was where I spent most of my 'non-Mazda' month.

Having racked up almost 2,000 miles in the couple of weeks between returning from recent travels in India, and this magazine going to print, it is safe to say I have come to know our new team member inside and out.

The Civic manages in many ways to be all things to all people: it is spacious, economical and packed with a great deal of the latest automotive technology.

Technology aside, though, it has to be said one of the simplest features – the drop down compartment in the boot – is immensely useful. My go-to kit, which accompanies me on 90 per cent of shoots (I'm Car Dealer's staff photographer, in case you didn't know), fits neatly in this space, resulting in a noticeable reduction in the ominous rolling / thumping sounds which usually accompany me on journeys along fast and winding A and B roads.

With winter rearing its chilly head, another feature that proved to be worth its weight in gold were the heated seats. Not only do they get nice and toasty, they do so satisfyingly rapidly.

One thing, however, that I didn't get on with was the limited range of seat adjustment that was available.

Even at its very lowest setting – and even as a moderate 5ft 10ins guy – I found myself feeling perched on the seat rather than part of it.

And although not exactly uncomfortable, I really wouldn't want to be any taller.

Overall, it has to be said that the Civic looks to be a very valuable addition to our fleet, and will probably prove popular thanks to its impressive load-lugging ability.

The knowledge:

Model: Civic Tourer 1.6i-DTEC SR
Price: £24,940
Engine: 1.6i-DTEC
Power: 120bhp, 300Nm
Max speed: 121mph
0-62mph: 10.5s
Emissions: 103g/km
Mileage this month: 2,517
This month's highlight:
Making the most of the Tourer's toasty heated seats

Author: Jonathan Fleetwood
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