Long term report: Mitsubishi L200 #3

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Disney or disaster? It's tree-buying time...

It's that time of year where our family heads off to pick out a Christmas tree – and while each year I convince myself it's going to be a Disney moment, it is, inevitably, a stressful ordeal that results in an argument, followed by a silent drive home and then another argument.
This year, at least, borrowing the L200 took a lot of the stress out of it. The usual debate over size (my wife always wants a bigger one) wasn't necessary because rather than trying to cram it into the back of our hatchback, with our daughter hidden beneath the spruce, we simply chucked it in the back of the pick-up and went on our merry way.

The new L200 Series Five has delivered something of a Christmas bonus to Mitsubishi dealers too. Having arrived in showrooms in September, the new model has helped L200 sales increase by around 60 per cent and it's easy to see why.

Having made improvements to 330 areas from the fourth-generation vehicle, Mitsubishi's latest pick-up is best in class at just about everything you want it to be.

And of course, the car is capable of carrying much more than just a Christmas tree!

The knowledge:

Model: Mitsubishi L200 Warrior Double Cab (manual)
Price: £27,658 (commercial vehicle list price, excluding VAT, is £23,049)
Engine: 2.4 litre MIVEC diesel
Power: 178 bhp
Max Speed: 111 mph
0-60mph: 10.3s
Emissions: 173g/km
Mileage this month: 789
This month's highlight:
Our daughter not getting the needle...

Author: Gareth Bethell
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